Local Treats To Feast

Braai Wood


  • +-10kg Bag
We are currently in the processes of alien tree clearing. Black wattle is a huge problem in the area. Support our efforts by buying some braai wood when staying on the farm. We sell it at R 35.00/±10kg bag.

Kromrivier Farm Chickens


  • 6 eggs

  • 18 eggs
A fairly new, COVID lockdown, venture started at the farm house is Kromrivier Farm Chickens (@kromrivierfarm_chickens). This venture was started when the ladies started laying too many eggs for the family to handle. These eggs are personally gathered, are completely free range and come from chickens that all have names. You can buy 6 eggs for R 20.00 and 18 eggs for R60.00.

Care Package

Our care package consists of all sorts of edible goodies from our farm, as well as other surrounding farms and local businesses. Currently*, it consists of Fresh sour dough bread, Free Range Eggs, Coffee, Rusks, Jam, Honey, Lemons, Lemon cordial, Biltong and Speciality cheddar cheeses. *Ingredients are subject to availability and change, thus the price may vary.