Hiking / MTB




Waterfall at the Deep Freeze

At the start, or end, of our mountain circular 4x4/hiking route, there are three granite pools resulting from a spectacular waterfall where one can swim. The waterfall is approximately 2.5km from the campsites. This is the perfect place to have a relaxed picnic or a cool down after a hike… be warned, the water temperature does live up to its name.

Circular 4x4/Hiking Route (± 5.5km)

This route is ±5.5km and traverses up the mountain and down through preserved natural rainforests. This is the route where you will find a plethora of fynbos and the most spectacular mountain views. From this route you are able to access Betties Bos as well as Antoinie’s Bos Rainforest. While the rain forests are foot access only, the rest of the circular route is also a technical 4x4 route.

If attempting the 4x4 route, it is best to do the route anti-clockwise. One part of this route can be accessed using a high clearance 4x2 vehicle, however, to complete the circle you will need a 4x4 vehicle with both low range and a diff lock, as well as previous 4x4 experience. This route in places is very technical, so please contact us prior to attempting the route so we can inform you of the tricky sections, as well as any obstacles.

Antonie's Bos

The first rainforest accessible on the mountain circular route is the magical Antonie’s Bos hike which stretches over a 2.8 km circular route with over forty indigenous trees, marked with their common names in Afrikaans and English, as well as, their taxonomic classifications.

Betties Bos Rainforest

This rainforest lies in a valley which stretches across approximately 30 hectares of land. It is by far the most incredible forest of them all. The vegetation forms a canopy creating a cool area to walk under during the hot summer season. A fountain is situated higher up in the valley, allowing water to flow down the stream all year round, the start of the Kromrivier River. It is a comfortable walk and great for a family outing. This walk follows the river that will lead you upstream and downstream which makes it impossible to get lost.

Hartebees Berg 4x4/Hiking Route (± 3.7km)

If you enjoy embarking on slightly easier trails but still appreciating nature and its beautiful scenery, then the Hartebeesberg 4x4/hiking trail is for you. Once you have reached the top of the mountain, you will be able to see the Rûens stretching across the vast landscape. This breath taking landscape resembles that of patchwork. Make sure to bring your camera along!

If you attempt to do this route with a vehicle, keep in mind you need a 4x4 with high clearance, as well as low range and a diff lock. The route can be completed clockwise or anti-clockwise, however, some places can be tricky so we suggest the route be completed in a clockwise direction. Please contact us prior to attempting the route so we can inform you of the tricky sections as well as any obstacles.

Mountain Biking

The hiking and 4x4 trails can be attempted with a mountain bike. If you are looking for something less tricky, there are plenty roads around the farm. It is always a lovely experience to cycle through the persimmon, lemon or prickly pear orchards. Alternatively, guests do enjoy riding to Greyton and back (±40 km), with a lunch and/or beer in between.


Our main dam by the campsite does not have fish, but there are 3 other dams on the farm that have bass and tilapia. We have a catch and release policy.